Modern Zeytinburnu

In mid 1990's, most of slum houses of Zeytinburnu transformed into apartment buildings, only some samples of old slum houses remain Çırpıcı and Telsiz quarters.

Zeytinburnu has an extremely dense, congested and low standard structuring in terms of urban settlement order.

Solutions are searched in two issues in order to make a way out for Zeytinburnu.
1. Improvements of transportation connections with Istanbul.
2. Develop urban residence and life quality and culture and make it one of the "urbanized" parts of the Istanbul.

Fast tram line from Sirkeci to Kabataş which was commissioned in 1994 provides a great transportation ease, and railway line continues to be main public transportation mean for the labor force of the industry in the region.
In order to solve car park problem, building 3 storey car park with the capacity of 500 vehicles, and supporting street arrangements with parks and green areas brought an important change.

Public activities made in the memory of Merkezefendi, the inventor of Mesir Macunu, first time in 1999, international symposium on traditional medicine, Whirling Dervishes Night in Yenikapı Dervish Lodge in 2002 for the first time gave a new cultural dynamism for Zeytinburnu
Olivium Shopping Centre opened in April 2001 became an important stage in urbanization of Zeytinburnu.
Serial of projects started with Topkapı City Park in place of old Trakya Bus Station has the potential to change the face of the region in middle and long term. In further stages, creating an island of cultures stranding through city walls supporting faith tourism is targeted. Under this context, 3 hands of the City Monument inaugurated opposite to the Belgrat Gate in 1999 symbolize Turkish, Armenian and Greek cultures existing together.

While Zeytinburnu is purified from its old industrial activities, it is focused on wholesale and retail woven and leather trade.
By creating a new identity, Zeytinburnu today has made a great leap towards getting free of its industrial-slump house region identity and to go up a higher class.