Balıklı Greek Trust Hospital

Under the foundations of Balıklı Rum Vakfı Hospital lay some hospital constructions which were erected in the Ottoman time to serve the Greek Orthodox people.

The hospital firstly started to serve the people in a wooden building named as "Büyük Balıklı Han" situated in Karaköy, the after the conquest. Even today the ownership and the revenues belong to the hospital. The hospital was very near to the Galata harbour and it was moved over to its present location in order to protect the hospital from epidemics, like plague, that could be carried by the sailors and the people coming by ships from overseas.

The piece of land, on which the hospital is erected and came into service in 1753, was bought by a female slave from the palace and was donated to the hospital. In 1795 they started to re-build the buildings from timber to stone and bricks. It is understood from the imperial firmans and wills present in the hospital archives that new building units were added during the repair works to the existing ones.

The hospital is still serving to day all the ills regardless what tongue they speak and what religion they believe in, to such an extent that 585 beds out of its total 650 are dedicated free to the poor ones. Furthermore the hospital complex includes a 200 bed nursing home for the aged ones.