Experience shopping as well as culinary treats at the Olivium!

The OLIVIUM OUTLET CENTRE, which is Istanbul's very first and Turkey's biggest outlet centre, offers consumers entertainment alongside shopping and has thus become a centre for living. At the same time, Olivium harbours the highest quality food venues, serving delicious dishes.
Here, you can find big fast-food brands and restaurants serving traditional Turkish dishes which are adapted to today's tastes as well as establishments on their way to becoming chains.

If you are looking for fast-food, Mc Donald’s, Burger King, Kumpir ve Salata Evi, KFC, Tatlıcı Tombak, Pizza Pizza and Truva Börek are some of the options at your disposal.

If you rather prefer a restaurant or cafe, OKafe, Halil İbrahim Sofrası, Café One, Köfte Piyaz, Sports Café&Bar, Pideci, Café Hitchcock, Ana Mantı, Edo Café, Nortfish, HD İskender, Gıdak Gıda are all awaiting you.

Olivium Outlet Center

Prof. Muammer Aksoy Cad. No: 1/1 Zeytinburnu-İSTANBUL

Tel: (0 212) 547 74 53 (pbx)
Fax: (0 212) 582 06 26